Top 10 Medical Device News Posts: April 16 to 22, 2014

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This week, Roche's IQuum aquisition opens POC diagnostics doors, top 11 disposables-outsourcing tips, a freshman team of engineers offer freedom for Special Olympian, and ... will Google stop the aging process?


Will Obamacare Lead to a Medical Device Innovation Revolution?

By Sean Williams 
The first year of Obamacare enrollment is officially in the books, and more than 7 million people enrolled for health insurance on a state or federally run Obamacare exchange. 
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IQuum Deal Gives Roche Turnkey Entry Into Molecular POC Testing Market

By Kalorama Information
Kalorama Information says Roche is saving time and gaining market potential with its recent acquisition of testmaker IQuum.
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Investors Seeking Software-Enabled Medtech

By Michael Quigley

Big data has not gone unnoticed among early stage life science investors. The intersection of software and biology is one that the LSN research team has noticed to be an area of increased investor focus in recent months.
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Top Ten (+1) Disposables Outsourcing Vendor Tips that Save Money

By Donald J. Dobert
Follow these eleven tips. They will save you heartache, frustration, and money.
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Freshman Team of Engineers Help Special Olympian Perform

By Rice University
A 10-year-old Special Olympian is able to work her way along a balance beam without a helping human hand; an assistive device from a crew of Rice University freshmen gave her the independence she so desired.
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Highlights from the Illumina AACR Discovery Symposium

By Amy Cullinan
With the 2014 American Association for Cancer Research annual meeting right here in San Diego, we were very excited to host a Discovery Symposium focusing on advances being made in understanding and monitoring cancer made possible through next-generation sequencing technologies.
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When Medical Device Companies Bend the Rules

By William A. Hyman
What don't medical device makers do because they have figured out how to get away with not doing it?
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For the first time, scientists use MRI to identify brown fat in a living adult

By Honor Whiteman
Researchers have used a groundbreaking magnetic resonance imaging technique to identify and confirm the existence of brown adipose tissue in a living adult.
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Startup creates effective breast cancer diagnostic test which saves time, lives

By Lee Howard
A stone's throw away from the newly designated biotech incubator on Pfizer Inc.'s campus, about 50 scientists gathered Wednesday to hear the story of a startup company from Farmington that is making waves in breast cancer research.
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Google hires UCSF geneticist who figured out how to stop aging in roundworms

By Stephanie Lee
Google's mysterious health venture dedicated to extending human life has quietly lured a prominent scientist away from UCSF, The Chronicle has learned.
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