BIOMEDevice Boston 2014: Post-Show Wrapup

UBM Canon hosted an action-packed BIOMEDevice conference last week in Boston with Learning Labs and free Tech Theater sessions led by medical industry experts, and more than 350 exhibitors on the show floor.

Learning Labs Workshops Offer Information and Entertainment

BIOMEDevice Boston 2014 Designing Next-Gen Medical Devices Learning LabTor Alden and Steve Simantiras lead the Designing Next-Gen Medical Devices Workshop.

The Learning Labs speakers not only knew their stuff, but also shared that information in fun and interesting ways.

HS Design’s principal Tor Alden and industrial designer Steve Simantiras led the Designing Next-Gen Medical Devices workshop, where attendees learned medical device design methods while following along by drawing in their own sketchbooks.

Ximedica’s senior human factors engineer Jeff Morang and director of research and strategy Elizabeth Roche led a Human Factors & Usability workshop, where attendees learned about task analysis and use error analysis while performing them in groups using a heart rate monitor.

There were also educational presentations on Quality Control & Electrical Standards – sans the workshop aspect. I’m sure we’d all cringe at the thought of an Implementing RoHS Compliance group activity – despite Intertek’s business service line leader Joe Langton’s brilliant delivery of the topic.

Rob Packard gave an extremely helpful talk on Implementing ISO 13485 QMS, and he shares a ton of medical device quality and FDA compliance information on his website as founder and instructor of Medical Device Academy.

Free Tech Theater Enlivens Exhibit Hall

BIOMEDevice Boston MIT Media Lab Tech Theater

Barmak Heshmat presents Before Your Immortality!

Medical industry experts led free Tech Theater presentations for exhibitors and attendees on the show floor throughout the entire BIOMEDevice conference.

Presentation topics included the latest medical device technologies, including 3D printing, mobile and video capabilities; as well as the latest on medical processes, such as regulatory submission, validations for newly manufactured devices, public policy – and more.

MassMEDIC president Thomas J. Sommer presented Public Policy’s Impact on the Medtech Sector, discussing the contentious 2.3% medical device excise tax and repeal efforts.

MIT Media Lab postdoctorate associate Barmak Heshmat gave an eye-opening presentation on the latest video technology in Before Your Immortality! He highlighted NETRA, “low-cost cell-phone attachments that measure eye-glass prescription and cataract information from the eye,” and a device that can look around corners.

Overall, the Tech Theater provided a welcome break in the day to keep up with medical industry news and trends.

Exhibit Hall: Meeting Friends and Making Connections

After day 1 in seminars, the first thing I did when I hit the show floor was meet up with newfound friends at The DAVIS Companies, who offered a fighter-jet-flight giveaway and your face in a fighter jet picture.

We met up with our friends at Farm

Farm's Tristan Sedgwick, and KMC's Bob Evans and Tracy Mallette at BIOMEDevice Boston Farm team at BIOMEDevice Boston 2014

LEFT: Farm's Tristan Sedgwick and KMC's Bob Evans and Tracy Mallette at the KMC booth. RIGHT: The Farm team at their booth.

And our friends at Sunrise

Sunrise team at BIOMEDevice Boston 2014

The Sunrise team at their BIOMEDevice Boston booth

We met some others along the way, like the vibrant booth and team of Johnson & Johnson.

Johnson & Johnson team at BIOMEDevice Boston 2014

The Johnson & Johnson team in their booth

Now it’s your turn!

biomed expo floor

Were you at the show? Is your booth in this picture? (Bonus points if you can locate Walter Gilde at our KMC booth.) Let us know in the comments below!

Meet KMC at an upcoming event!

Meet KMC at an Event

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