Elbit Systems of America - KMC - Mission to Protect and Save Lives

KMC Systems, a division of Elbit Systems of America, Senior Software Systems Engineer Doug Finner has built our robust medical Manufacturing Execution System (MES). In this video, Doug explains why KMC's mission to provide innovative medical device solutions that protect and save lives is so important to him and why developing such a robust MES ensures that KMC Systems lives by its mission. 
KMC robust manufacturing execution system


Video Transcription:

Our mission to protect and save lives, for me, is really very personal because I came out of a lab, and I’ve been that guy on the bench at 2 o’clock in the morning trying to get something done when the equipment didn’t work and you’re on the phone with tech support and you’ve got the doctor breathing down your neck because there’s somebody in the ER who needs the results - now.

So, while I’m not directly involved with the floor production, my intent is to provide direct support for production so that it’s easy for them to make the right product correctly the first time; that it’s reliable, it’s robust and there isn’t somebody sitting in a lab wondering what to do, how they’re going to get ahold of tech support at 3 o’clock in the morning.

You spend ten years watching people bleed and get sick, and it kinda sticks with you. It’s an important part of why I do what I do today.

If you'd like to learn more about KMC Systems medical product development, download the data sheet for details about our expertise and robust processes. 

Download the KMC Development Sheet

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