Project managers need PMP certification - this PMI NH class is key

There's a growing demand for PMP certified project managers. The certification test is extremely difficult. KMC Systems is hosting a Project Management Institute of New Hampshire Training, led by two of our PMP certified program managers, that provides all the essential PMP material for certification success. 

Program Manager to PMP

KMC Systems Program Manager Spencer M. Lovette, PMP
KMC Systems Program Manager Spencer M. Lovette, PMP, will teach a PMI NH Study Group in Merrimack, N.H.

Last year, when Spencer M. Lovette, a KMC Systems Program Manager, was looking to advance and improve processes, and ultimately provide more disciplined and efficient medical device development and manufacturing project management processes for his clients, he joined the Project Management Institute's New Hampshire Chapter (PMI NH) and immediately started training for his Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

Not just a status symbol, PMP certification tells potential clients that you know and care about project management. "It’s a declaration that I’m serious about project management as a process," Lovette said, "Some people want to be program managers because it’s the next step in the career path – it’s what you do after you’ve done something else. But I wanted to be good at it. By getting PMP certification, I had to learn the processes that would allow me to be good at it." 

PMP certification is a testament to the drive, knowledge and skill of the project manager who achieves it - because it's not easy. Despite months of studying and a firm grasp on the processes, the four-hour certification test left Lovette feeling foggy and drained - even after the instructor told him he had passed.

His KMC colleagues echo that sentiment. Program Manager Lewis Harrold said he left the test in a daze - also after hearing he'd passed.

They agree that, despite having the information down cold, there's no sense after the test of feeling that you've aced it.  It sounds like PMP certification is almost impossible, but it's not - especially if you train and study with some of the best. 

Ready for the challenge? Register for the course! Not convinced? Read on.

The key to PMP certification success

What's the key to our KMC team's success? Training and studying with a group.

Sure you can get the latest edition, version 5, of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and find a bunch of training material online, then memorize all of the facts - but you probably won't pass the certification exam.

"If you studied the PMBOK and knew it cold, then went in for the test," Lovette said, "I’m afraid you’re in for a big surprise." 

Of course, maybe you've been a project manager your whole life, successfully managing projects for years. You just need the certification to prove your project prowess. Well, without taking a training class, you probably won't pass the exam either.

Why not?

Lovette explains:

If you study on your own, you will only get the process steps and not the examples of how to apply them in scenario situations. The certification is designed to demonstrate that you know PMI’s process of doing project management. It’s very specific and some sort of organized study system to learn that information is probably essential. The course presents the material in an organized manner so you can absorb it. There’s a lot there. The tests are very subjective and situation-based, where they describe a problem and then ask for the answer. But, typically, it’s not like a math test where there’s an exact answer. When it’s "which of these is not a good answer?" all of them are crummy answers but one’s the worst way to do it. Or they can ask for the best way, and they’re all bad, but one’s less bad than the others. Or they’re all good but one of them is better than the others for certain reasons. They’re all judgment calls, and that’s what makes it so difficult. Learning enough about the process, and getting in depth of the process so you can apply it to make good judgment calls is why just reading the material would be a very difficult way to learn. You can learn all of the facts, but learning how to apply the facts in tough situations is where the training course comes in.

Join the PMI NH Study Group

Lovette and fellow KMC Program Manager Paul Dahlstrom, PMP, will teach the Merrimack PMI New Hampshire Study Group to anyone who's serious about project management.

Anyone can take the course to learn the processes involved in running a project, but a certain number of hours of project management experience are required for PMP certification. Check out the PMI Certification page for PMP requirements and more information.

Register for the group to manage projects more effectively and efficiently. Merrimack, N.H., classes meet at the KMC Systems and Elbit Systems of America site at 220 Daniel Webster Highway from 6 to 8:30 p.m. every Thursday, starting Sept. 5, 2013, and continuing through Dec. 19.

It's OK if you're getting a late start. Students "could probably afford to miss that first week without too much of an impact," Lovette said, "but beyond that it would be more challenging to get caught up."

The course covers a broad range of topics, including: planning, human resource management, scheduling, budgeting, quality control, communications, team building, contracts, purchasing and ethics. There are practice tests and you will go over PMP sample questions.

Register Now

Lovette's final thought 

"One of the phrases that comes out of our training is 'the project manager is large and in charge'. If that kind of leadership appeals to you, then learning this process is going to put you into a position to perform that kind of leadership and to have the opportunity to perform that kind of leadership."


A committed group of four initial members chartered The New Hampshire chapter of the Project Management Institute in 2001 to support Granite State project management professionals. Since then, the nonprofit organization has grown to more than 626 members, according to the PMI NH website

What are your thoughts on businesses requiring PMP certification? Please share your ideas in the comments section below!

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