Why you need PMP certification and how KMC Systems can help

Now you've learned why the PMI NH PMP certification training course is key to certification success and how PMP certification has improved project management at KMC Systems. Here, we'll discuss why all program managers should get certified and our program manager's transition from PMI student to teacher.

There's a growing demand for PMP certified project managers. The certification test is extremely difficult. KMC Systems is hosting a Project Management Institute of New Hampshire Study Group, led by two of our PMP certified program managers, that provides all the essential PMP material for certification success. But more on this later - unless you want to register now!

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Get PMP certified for your career, your company and your customers' success 

KMC Program Manager Spencer Lovette, PMP, discusses PMP certification.Are you on a project management career path? Before releasing that sigh of relief over your company not requiring PMP certification (yet), consider current business trends and where you'd like to position yourself for the future - or for right now!

According to the CIO.com article 
Why Project Management Certifications Matter, "The number of CIOs who require their project managers to be certified grew from 21 percent in 2005 to 31 percent by 2009." And that was way back then! That article, and their related
How to Hire the Right Project Managers, details the increased opportunities and salaries of PMP certified project managers.

KMC Systems Program Manager Spencer M. Lovette, PMP, said, "The PMP certification is becoming much better known and over the next 10 years will likely become essential for program managers in the same way that the MBA has become essential for business managers and an MD is essential for doctors and PE is essential for engineers working on public engineering projects."

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Student to teacher: Helping others master project management

KMC Systems Program Manager Spencer M. Lovette, PMP, will teach a PMI NH PMP certification training course.
KMC Systems Program Manager Spencer M. Lovette, PMP, will teach a PMI NH Study Group in Merrimack, N.H.

Lovette's knowledge of, and passion for, project management were evident when he gave two brainteasers to his instructors right before his final test. They were stumped by one - and impressed by him. So impressed, that one of them asked him to teach the next PMI NH training class.

Why did he accept? He wanted to stay sharp on what he's already learned, pick up new material from PMBOK version 5 - and to see how good of an instructor he could be.

"There were two instructors in our course, and one of them was good and one of them was very good. I kept thinking 'Wow! I could be good. I wonder if I could be very good.' [Wanting to teach the course] is partially because I enjoy sharing the stuff and to see how good I can be at conveying this information, and also conveying the importance of the information and enjoying and understanding how that process works."

Lovette and fellow KMC Program Manager Paul Dahlstrom, PMP, will teach the Merrimack PMI New Hampshire Study Group to anyone who's serious about project management.

Join the PMI NH Study Group

Anyone can take the course to learn the processes involved in running a project, but a certain number of hours of project management experience are required for PMP certification. Check out the PMI Certification page for PMP requirements and more information.

Register for the training to manage projects more effectively and efficiently. Merrimack, N.H., classes meet at the KMC Systems and Elbit Systems of America site at 220 Daniel Webster Highway from 6 to 8:30 p.m. every Thursday, starting Sept. 5, 2013, and continuing through Dec. 19.

Late start? That's OK! Students "could probably afford to miss that first week without too much of an impact," Lovette said, "but beyond that it would be more challenging to get caught up."

The course covers a broad range of topics, including: planning, human resource management, scheduling, budgeting, quality control, communications, team building, contracts, purchasing and ethics. There are practice tests and you will go over PMP sample questions.

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Lovette's final thought 

"One of the phrases that comes out of our training is 'the project manager is large and in charge'. If that kind of leadership appeals to you, then learning this process is going to put you into a position to perform that kind of leadership and to have the opportunity to perform that kind of leadership."


A committed group of four initial members chartered The New Hampshire chapter of the Project Management Institute in 2001 to support Granite State project management professionals. Since then, the nonprofit organization has grown to more than 626 members, according to the PMI NH website

What are your thoughts on businesses requiring PMP certification? Please share your ideas in the comments section below!

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