Take It To The Top: KMC Systems welcomes Austin back!

The KMC Systems team gathered in the cafeteria on Aug. 7, 2013, to welcome mechanical engineer and mountaineer Austin Lines back to the office after he successfully summited Kyrgyzstan's Point 5318 mountain with his Vertical Ice Climbing Enthusiasts (VICE) Expedition 2013 team.

KMC Business Development and Marketing Manager Bob Evans, fourth from left, emceed the event. Here, Bob gives an overview of the expedition and introduces Austin, second from front left.

KMC Systems Marketing Manager Bob Evans introduces Austin Lines at KMC's welcome-back gathering.

Austin talks about the VICE team's successful summit of Point 5318 while KMC Marketing Specialst Tracy Mallette readies the WMUR News 9 video segment on the KMC climber.

KMC Systems Mechanical Engineer and mountaineer Austin Lines talks about the Take It To The Top VICE Expedition.

After the video, Austin discussed the expedition while showing a slide presentation of photos from the trip.

KMC Systems Mechanical Engineer and mountaineer Austin Lines talks about the VICE Expedition trip.

Austin shared some spectacular photos of the trip. We've compiled those and more into this Prezi presentation:

For the full view of the presentation (highly recommended!), check it out on Prezi!

Austin said the team thought of the name After You on their way up the mountain as an homage to those who attempted Point 5318 before them. (And, of course it's fun to go home to their girlfriends and say "I named the mountain After You".)

After Austin's presentation, Bob presented him with a plaque commemorating the VICE team's successful summit of After You.

KMC Systems Mechanical Engineer mountaineer Austin Lines receives a plaque from Business Development and Marketing Manager Bob Evans commemorating VICE Expedition 2013's successful summit of Point 5318.

Then the KMC team commenced with dessert and socializing (we're awesome at both), and we greeted Austin back to our Merrimack, N.H., office.

The KMC Systems team greets mechanical engineer Austin Lines back from his Kyrgyzstan mountaineering expedition.

It was fun and exciting covering Austin's expedition, but we're happy to have him safely back in the office! We congratulate him and the rest of the VICE team on an amazing accomplishment.

In case you're wondering what Austin's up to next, he said he plans to focus on work for awhile. Everyone here thought that was a great idea! :)

Austin, Congratulations again and welcome back!

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Thanks to Dick Kyle for taking all of the photos in this post!

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