KMC at AACC: Off-the-shelf solutions and medical product development

KMC Systems attended the AACC Annual Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo again this year, from July 28 to Aug. 1, 2013 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston.

Here's our time at the show - in pictures.

This is our table of off-the-shelf technologies, which includes robot pipette pumps, piston pumps, robot end effector and universal PCB assembly:

KMC Systems off-the-shelf solutions at AACC 2013

The team set up the rest of booth 2304 that would be their home for the next four days and prepared for the barage of visitors interested in our KMC360® rapid medical product development program.

Below are KMC Systems Business Development Manager Walter Gilde, President Ron Jellison, Business Development and Marketing Manager Bob Evans and Director of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance Gail Wiegand in the KMC booth.

KMC Systems team ready to talk to visitors at AACC 2013

Director of Business Development Mike Kallelis and Bob did this:

Bob Evans and Mike Kallelis test KMC's QR code.

OK, it looks more mysterious and interesting than it really is. I'm sure they're just testing out the KMC Systems QR code.

Former KMC President Pat McNallen read a magazine. (Hey, after 25 years of service, he deserves a break!):

Former KMC President Pat McNallen at AACC 2013.

And it wasn't just any magazine. He was reading about new KMC President Ron Jellison in the July 31, 2013, issue of Clinical News Journal. While perusing the journal, I'm sure he was also coming up with ways to turn your smart ideas into brilliant reality.

Here's Ron on the cover of the July 31, 2013 edition of Clinical News Journal:

KMC Systems President Ron Jellison on the cover of Clinical News Journal

Pat really didn't have much downtime at the show. Everyone knows him, so he spent a lot of time talking to friends and meeting others to discuss the benefits of KMC's medical product development program.

Former KMC President Pat McNallen talks with visitors at AACC 2013.

A bunch of people really did show up to see and discuss KMC's off-the-shelf medical device technologies and rapid IVD product development solutions.

Walter Gilde talks to visitors at AACC 2013 Walter Gilde speaks with guests at AACC 2013
AACC 2013 attendees visit the KMC Systems booth. An AACC 2013 attendee visits the KMC Systems booth
Sue Colburn talks to a KMC visitor at AACC 2013 AACC 2013 attendees visit the KMC Systems booth.

On Tuesday, July 30,  at 10:20 a.m., Walter gave an OEM Lecture presentation called Rapid IVD Instrument Development detailing KMC's rapid product development strategy in room 360DEF.

Walter Gilde gives a presentation at AACC 2013 on rapid IVD product development.

There will be more on that later in case you missed it!

Today, the event wrapped up and everyone returns home. We missed them in the office and look forward to their return!

Great job to the KMC Systems team who represented KMC at the AACC Annual Meeting, and thank you to everyone who visited our booth at the show!

And finally ...

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