Take It To The Top: Team summits Kyrgyzstan's Point 5318 mountain!

They did it!

Congratulations to our Take It To The Top VICE Expedition team, which has taken it to the top of Kyrgyzstan's previously unclimbed Point 5318 summit!

The team succeeded this morning, on their second summit attempt. Here's their message:

After 5 failed attempts by other teams and one of our own, we successfully summited Pt 5318 at 9 this morning. It will now be known as peak "After You". 

Google Earth rendering of Point 5318 with Take It To The Top team message

The above Google Earth image of Point 5318 from the team's basecamp shows the message we received from them, including the time and their location.

We first saw the news break via the VICE twitter account:

As the highest unclimbed peak in Kyrgyzstan's Djangart region, Point 5318 was the team's main objective for this expedition.

Now, the team will enjoy a day of recovery - and victory - before exploring other mountains in the area.

Again, congratulations to the team on their successful summit of this previously unclimbed mountain peak. We wish you a safe and successful rest of your journey.

If you have Google Earth, or want to download it, you can follow the rest of the expedition here!

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