Take It To The Top: Ready to ascend Pt 5318

The Take It To The Top VICE Expedition team has checked in again today, with the following message:

We just set up advanced base camp and are all feeling good. Hopefully tomorrow we will try for 5318, weather depending. 

Pt 5318 West Face resized 600

The team's latest position came in at an altitude of 4010.29m (13157.12 feet).

They plan to ascend Kyrgyzstan's Point 5318 mountain via the West face, shown in the above Google Earth image.

Despite the team's ultralight climbing method, they had to bring ice and rock climbing gear for this mixed-climbing expedition to handle all the terrain they'll encounter on the way to the summit. The team even packed snowshoes in order to more quickly and easily traverse snow-covered ground.

The Take It To The Top team studied previous expeditions before attempting Point 5318. One of those expeditions failed in 2011 due to lack of rock climbing gear.

Tomorrow, the team makes their first single-push, alpine-style attempt to summit the highest mountain peak in the Djangart region's Kokshaal-Too "Forbidden Mountains" range.

If you have Google Earth, or want to download it, you can check out their progress here!

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