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6 Manufacturing Mantras - Which Do You Live By?

Medical device companies face many challenges in today's market, with the global economy, outsourcing, and product safety concerns. Maintaining and performing at a high level of standards produces safe, high-quality products with a reasonable return on investment. But how can you increase productivity while maintaining robust quality standards? These 6 manufacturing mantras can help you stay on track without skipping the essential checkpoints. 

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ASM2015: Improving Patient Outcome Through Rapid Identification

Timely diagnostics can be the deciding factor between finding the cause of illness, and determinging a cure. More and more companies are talking about rapid identification of bacterial contaminations.  Where is the market going, and where does your company stand?

This will be a hot topic of discussion at ASM2015, the 115th meeting for American Society of Microbiology which starts May 30th in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

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Could You Bring Biomedical Products to Market Without Key Suppliers?

In today's dynamic business environment, suppliers play an important role in bringing biomedical products to market. 

What are the steps to successfully bring a biomedical product to market? Here, KMC Systems shares the benefits of experience and knowledge in biomedical instrumentation development and contract manufacturing services.

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POC Development: When to Engage a Contract Manufacturing Partner

If your company is developing a complex point-of-care (POC) instrument, and is planning to hire a contract engineering, manufacturing partner to design and manufacture the instrument itself, at what point should you engage the partner?

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3 Key Components to Streamlining Biomedical Product Development

The pressure to introduce new medical devices to market quickly and cost-effectively is constant. Implementing these key strategies will streamline the commercialization of products.

Most biomedical device companies are familiar with rapid prototyping, which allows them to quickly produce parts and test feasibility. However, when a medical device needs to be developed and manufactured in a limited amount of time, it is necessary to employ a more holistic approach to streamline product development methodology. This helps to ensure that biomedical devices are introduced quickly and cost-effectively. Rapid product development essentially divides the approach into three key components: collaboration, agility and software.

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