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What do KMC Systems, Careers and Family Have in Common?

Friends and former colleagues Gail Wiegand and Christine Long celebrate Christine's retirement from KMC Systems.

Adieu, farewell, but never goodbye. Those are the unspoken rules by which close friends and family agree to upon departing. Such was the case last Friday as Christine Long began her retirement from the KMC Systems family.

Fond memories were shared by all last Friday as we celebrated with a “Happy Retirement” cake and wished Christine well. As she embarks on her long-awaited retirement, a picture of the sun rising over the ocean is still affixed to the wall in her office – representing new beginnings.

Christine worked at KMC Systems as a Supplier Quality Engineer for ten years. Her experience and tenure improved the methods and control of the materials as well as the quality of suppliers that KMC relies on to produce and deliver world-class medical instrumentation to our customers.

Christine shared with her KMC family the wisdom of what’s most important to her in life:

  • Take care of your health
  • Maintain a positive view
  • Treasure your relationships
  • Live your purpose, values, and dreams

Although Christine is now retired, she personifies the strong bond that members of the KMC Systems family share. With common values, passion for continuous improvement and unwavering loyalty to the Elbit Systems of America mission to “provide innovative solutions that protect and save lives,” we thank Christine Long for being a part of the KMC Systems family.

Farewell, Christine. See you soon!



Would you like to challenge your innovative skills and make a difference? Join the KMC Systems family and journey through excellence and innovation with us.

Visit our Careers page to view current job openings at KMC Systems. 

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ERP and Kanbans go together for Medical Device On-Time Delivery

This is the third in a three-part series on how to improve medical device on-time delivery performance.

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ESA Medical – KMC Systems Engineers making a difference

This week is National Engineers Week. A week in February chosen to align with George Washington’s birthday, thought to be the nation’s first engineer. National Engineers Week is a time set aside to celebrate the contributions that engineers make to our society and to highlight the continuing need and recruitment of others to pursue careers in technical disciplines, science and math.

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DFx Essential to Reduce Medical Device Manufacturing COGS

This is the fourth in our Reducing your COGS series detailing how KMC Systems reduces customer Cost of Goods Sold during the medical device manufacturing process through its Design-for-Manufacturability software. The DFMA® software is just one aspect of KMC's cost-saving Design for X (DFx) process.

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KMC is Supplier to Medical Design Excellence Award Finalist

Merrimack, NH (April 2, 2013)— KMC Systems is proud to be recognized as a developer and supplier for the LipoScience Vantera Clinical Analyzer. The Vantera product has been selected as a finalist in the IVD category of the  15th Annual Medical Design Excellence Awards competition.

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Is your medical device tax canary still chirping?


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News: KMC Systems Welcomes Laboratory Automation Professionals to SLAS 2013

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KMC's 2012…A year of advancement and successful collaboration

KMC looks back on 2012 as a year of advancement in medical device design and manufacturing for both our customers and us. Our technical and manufacturing teams were focused on enhancing existing lean manufacturing processes and optimizing design through simulation modeling and collaborative development. 

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News: KMC's Walter Gilde is Presenting at Evolution of Advanced IVDs

KMC Systems will be exhibiting and presenting at Evolution of Advanced IVDs in San Diego, California from September 19th-20th. Join Walter Gilde, Business Development Manager, KMC Systems, during lunch on Tuesday September 19 for his presentation on Simulation Reduces Risk Earlier in IVD Instrument Development Programs. 

IVD instrument development programs carry degrees of risks depending on marketing requirements, business value proposition and/or technology maturity. Utilizing an early reliable risk assessment tool is vital to the success of an IVD instrument development program.

Conventional planning processes and tools do not provide sufficient depth of analysis to elucidate all marketing requirements or sufficient insight to discover underlying design shortcomings in proposed concepts. Ideally, one would identify an optimal concept by making early informed feature/function trade-offs.

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Lean Manufacturing in situ - Lean Medical Manufacturing

Lean is a Team Effort. Everyone Needs to Be On Board. 

One of the key benefits of a successful lean medical device manufacturing program is the synergistic effect realized from a committed and focused team. In fact without the commitment of the entire team a lean system can fail. It is this interdependency of team members that fuels the team spirit, an essential element of lean medical manufacturing program success.

Let’s talk about lean manufacturing in situ and team …

Back in the day (~480 BC) the famous Greek battleship commander Themistocles gained acclaim for leading the attack and ultimately destroying the Persian fleet. His fleet of trireme ships were of an eloquent design. They provided the superior evasive speed and ramming power to be victorius in the battle of Salamis. 

So one might ask … How did they power this ship?  (hint – this is where the team part comes in). 

The standard warship in Greece at that time was the trireme, a vessel which had three banks of oars with one man to each oar. The total crew of a trireme was about 200, of whom 170 were oarsmen.

Immediately, I’m thinking how did they ever coordinate their rowing  strokes? … especially when the need for course correction was necessary !!

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