Accuracy of Disease Detection; One of Many Highlights from Next Generation Dx Summit

Next-Gen-Dx-Summit-2017.jpgCHI's Next Generation Dx Summit turned out to be quite the event, this past August in Washington, DC. With more than 1,000 industry leaders in diagnostics, it proved to be an effective showcase for networking and discussing the latest technologies in clinical diagnostics. KMC Systems was proud to be a corporate sponsor and exhibitor at the summit. 

Now in it's ninth year, the summit has grown to include novel immunotherapy biomarkers, cell-free DNA, companion diagnostics, infectious disease, point-of-care, pharmacy-based diagnostics, clinical NGS assays, commercialization, reimbursement, prenatal testing, circulating tumor cells, critical care, forensics, digital PCR, microfluidics, and microbiome diagnostics. Always a great event, there were many groundbreaking seminars and innovative technologies to take in. 

One such seminar, focuses on Disease Detection. Tisha Jepson, CEO of True Bearing Diagnostics, discusses.

KMC Systems; a corporate sponsor of the summit, collaborated with True Bearing Diagnostics, who stands alone in accuracy of disease detection with RNA based blood tests derived from target identification using SeqLL technology.

In this seminar, Tisha explains "while using SeqLL tSMS,  we have been able to create a panel of 7 targets for a non invasive blood based diagnostic – a blood test for coronary artery disease that is on track to provide a population scale method of aiding in the diagnosis of heart disease which is currently the largest global health related cause of mortality at over 600,000 deaths annually in the US alone."

"The future of healthcare research and answers regarding disease and illness detection hinges on the need for scientific researchers and clinicians to have access to the most accurate diagnostic tools.  With those tools, with genetic sequencing platforms which have sufficient sensitivity and specificity to pinpoint genetic targets with minimal noise and bias, developing answers will be more possible. Since the human genome project, the expectation for a steep trajectory of healthcare improvements was expected but only incremental successes have been achieved.  A critical factor has been that the vast majority of research and clinical development has been undertaken using amplification based genetic sequencing platforms along the lines of Illumina.  The amplification based process, which is necessary with these platforms to create sufficient material for sufficient data, is imperfect – when one amplifies one makes more copies of that which is abundant and fewer copies of that which is rare… The translation is that, with the process of amplification, one drops the lowest occurring genes; the tiny mutations which are where the disease arrival is happening.  As those mutations are dropped, the amplification approach to sequencing loses the very material, the disease targets, that are being sought."

"With an amplification free approach to sequencing, the disease arrival becomes detectable.  True Bearing Diagnostics, using SeqLL technology has been able to create a panel of 7 targets for a non invasive blood based diagnostic – an RNA based blood test for coronary artery disease.  We stand alone with this ability and are uniquely positioned and poised to enter the market with a blood test that no other researcher has been able to do thus far. Our success with target identification with this and other diseases/illness is in large part due to the extremely accurate approach of the amplification free, molecule counting massively parallel capacity of the SeqLL True Single Molecule Sequencing platform.  We, at True Bearing, hope that the SeqLL approach will be made available to researchers and clinicians on a world-wide so that the trajectory of healthcare research and clinical answers will achieve the heights that we know are possible.  We encourage you to take a test run and experience the difference…"

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