3 Key Components to Streamlining Biomedical Product Development

The pressure to introduce new medical devices to market quickly and cost-effectively is constant. Implementing these key strategies will streamline the commercialization of products.


Most biomedical device companies are familiar with rapid prototyping, which allows them to quickly produce parts and test feasibility. However, when a medical device needs to be developed and manufactured in a limited amount of time, it is necessary to employ a more holistic approach to streamline product development methodology. This helps to ensure that biomedical devices are introduced quickly and cost-effectively. Rapid product development essentially divides the approach into three key components: collaboration, agility and software.

  1. Collaboration: Teamwork, education, and communication are critical to the device’s success. Through cross-discipline seminars and impromptu meetings, the entire engineering team understands each function of the system.
  2. Agility: Innovation requires invention, flexibility and customization. For example, a variety of reliable supply chain resources, customizable off-the-shelf solutions and responsive technologies allow agility in the biomedical product development process.
  3. Robust Software: A robust library of software code facilitates the reuse of said code, which controls common hardware used in medical devices and instrumentation. Flexible software development/integration tools, such as our proprietary “ecDiag” software, expedite the software development testing and integration efforts and provide a foundation for manufacturing product testing.

These three components of product development not only reduce time-to-market for medical device development, they streamline the design and manufacturing processes, and help reduce costs.

To see how collaboration, agility and robust software integrate into KMC Systems biomedical product development process, download our Total Product Lifecycle Chart.


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