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Labroots Virtual Conferences: Up Next - Clinical Diagnostics and Research

Posted by Lisa Cuipa on September 22, 2015

KMCSystems_Booth_LabrootsDid you attend the virtual Microbiology Conference? The event was hosted by Labrootsleading scientific social networking website and producer of educational virtual events and webinars. KMC was thrilled to exhibit and interact with hundreds of industry peers and other exhibitors such as Roche and Qiagen. Find out how to view the event on demand and register for the upcoming Clinical Diagnostics and Research Conference

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Webinar: Advances in Hyperpolarization Technology

Posted by Lisa Cuipa on September 16, 2015

WebinarDon't miss this upcoming webinar! Register today to gain insight into this groundbreaking project and stay up to date on emerging advances in hyperpolarization technology.  

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Labroots Microbiology Conference: Beyond the Microscope

Posted by Lisa Cuipa on August 27, 2015

There have been many new advancements in the field of microbiology in recent years as well as new innovations in the development and design of laboratory automation and microbiology instrumentation. Join KMC Systems and others for this exciting virtual trade show on Microbiology. 

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What's Ahead for the Medical Device and Life Science Industry?

Posted by Stacy Richards on August 25, 2015

Trending discussions in the medical device and life science industry  

A report by Deloitte called 2015 Global life sciences outlook - Adapting in an era of transformation states that "Aging populations, chronic/lifestyle diseases, emerging-market expansion, and treatment and technology advances are expected to spur life sciences sector growth in 2015," and predicts 

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Every Step Matters - Transitioning From Design to Manufacturing

Posted by Lisa Cuipa on August 19, 2015

In a relatively short span of time, medical instrumentation has run the gamut in dimension, size, scale, complexity, automation and application. Evolving from huge instruments that occupy the majority of a laboratory and require hours or days to process, to handheld point-of-care analyzers that provide instantaenous results, medical technology has made huge strides. 

If you're in the medical device business, you realize that you too must evolve to stay in step with the rapidly changing market - or get left behind. 

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KMC's Rigorous Supply Chain Process Vets the Best Medical Device Suppliers

Posted by Lisa Cuipa on August 11, 2015

Effecting patient outcome is the foundation of KMC Systems' strategy in designing and manufacturing groundbreaking medical instrumentation for our customers.  Creating a significant medical device that fulfills OEM expectations and benefits the clinician is no small feat. Developing and manufacturing medical instrumentation that ultimately improves patient outcome is ideal. There are many aspects that positively effect total product life cycle management of a medical instrument, and one of the key factors from the start is sourcing a reliable, compliant and cost-effective supply chain.


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Record Attendance Expected, KMC Systems Heads to Next Generation Dx Summit!

Posted by Lisa Cuipa on August 4, 2015

Evolving industry technologies and trends in medical diagnostics will be presented at the 7th annual Next Generation DX Summit in Washington, DC this August 18-20th. With record attendance expected, the expo is sure to make an impact.  KMC Systems will be at booth #17. We hope to see you there!

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Farewell AACC2015. See You in Philadelphia at AACC 2016!

Posted by Lisa Cuipa on July 31, 2015

The KMC Systems Team enjoyed meeting new people, along with catching up with long time industry peers at AACC 2015. How was the Annual Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo for you and your team? There were so many fascinating seminars and innovative technologies to take in. Please share comments about your AACC 2015 experience below! 

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Quality Assurance Best Practices in Contract Manufacturing

Posted by Lisa Cuipa on July 28, 2015

Several factors play into a successful contract manufacturing program. Some of these factors result in reduced expenditures, increased time saving capabilities, and error free development practices. For 35 years, KMC Systems has been continuously refining our manufacturing processes to successfully and seamlessly bring compliant medical devices to market. KMC Systems produces groundbreaking medical instrumentation by leveraging our years of experience and employing three key priorities for quality assurance during the design, development and manufacturing phases.

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Medical Design Briefs, Inside Story: Outsourcing Instrument Engineering and Manufacturing

Posted by Lisa Cuipa on July 23, 2015

KMC Systems has developed sophisticated, multidisciplinary product development processes to help their customers achieve market success. Medical Design Briefs spoke with Robert Silva, director of engineering at KMC Systems, to learn more about KMC’s capabilities and the pros and cons of customization versus plug-and-play solutions.

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