Become a KMC Systems Supplier

Supplier Registration Process:

Learn how to become an approved Elbit Systems of America® supplier for KMC Systems, medical division. The information provided on these pages will answer the majority of initial questions. To learn more, please begin by completing the Supplier Survey then follow the steps outlined.  

  1. The first step to supplier registration is to complete a Supplier Survey and email it to the contact person noted on the form cover letter. Should a supplier desire to do business with multiple Elbit Systems of America® subsidiaries, a survey should be completed and submitted to each entity.
  2. Suppliers are evaluated on the information recorded on the Supplier Survey; therefore, it is imperative to complete the survey in its entirety. Applicable business certificates and/or certifications, and quality manual index must be attached as applicable.
  3. If the supplier meets the requirements for doing business with Elbit Systems of America® and a need exists for the offered product or service, the supplier will be contacted and given information regarding the next steps in the approval process. If there is no need for the offered product or service, the survey will be kept on file for future reference.
  4. Some locations require a quality systems audit of the prospective supplier's business practices, processes and services before granting approval. The supplier will be notified if this is required.

Supplier Performance Measurement Process:

  1. Supplier Performance is measured by quality and on-time delivery of the requested products and services.
  2. Suppliers may be given quality and delivery ratings based on their performance. Each location has a specific rating system. For example, the following rating system is used at KMC Systems.
      Percentage Rating
    Quality 98-100%  Gold
      90-97%  Silver
       85-89%  Bronze
       <85%  Unacceptable 
  3. Quality will be rated according to conformance to purchase order/drawing requirements. The quality of products is rated on the basis of the comparison of total piece parts received by Elbit Systems of America® to the piece parts accepted.
  4. Suppliers of products and services are rated on the basis of the delivery of the suppliers promised date against the actual delivery date. Zero days late are considered on time. Deviation from these standards could result in the supplier receiving a lower delivery rating.
  5. A trend of poor performance may result in a request for corrective action and may come in the following forms:
    • The issuance of a Supplier Corrective Action Request (SCAR) form, which is used to correct deficiencies in non-conforming products and services.
    • A teleconference with the supplier.
    • An on-site meeting utilizing cross-functional teams.
  6. Suppliers are encouraged to maintain the highest level of quality and delivery standards. Consistent substandard quality or delivery performance is deemed unacceptable and could result in removal from KMC Systems Approved Supplier List. 

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